This is a mandatory document for all foreigners who will stay in Brazil for more than 90 days.

To obtain it the foreigner must go personally to the Federal Police unit (PF) where there is assistance to immigrants on the date and time previously scheduled with all required documents.

The foreigner has 90 days, from the date he entered Brazil, to obtein the document, so watch the deadline.

How to apply:

  1. Fill the form:

1lu6915abf7h1_tmp_e9d7870866b08f6b.png .a. The applicant must fill ALL fields that are marked with a red square ( lu6915abf7h1_tmp_1d1465cbb81a8fe5.png )

1.b. At the top you can change the language of the form:

1.c. Type of Registration: Registro de Visto Consular

1.d. Main Occupation: 930 - Estudante

1.e. Filiation: information about your parents

1.f. Input data (Arrival Informations):

State (Federation Unit): SP – if you arrived in Brazil through São Paulo (state)

Place of Entry: Campinas – if you arrived through Aeroporto Viracopos (VCP)

Guarulhos – if you arrived through Aeroporto Guarulhos / Cumbica (GRU)

São Paulo – if you arrived through Aeroporto São Paulo / Congonhas (CGH)

Santos – if you arrived through Porto de Santos

1.g. Home Address: where you are living in São Paulo – Brazil.

1.g. Business address / school address:

Name of the Company/School: Instituto de Matemática e Estatística da Universidade de São Paulo

Zip Code: 05508-090 Additional Details: Prédio da IMEUSP

Work Phone Number: (11) 3091-1848

1.f. Print the form because you will need to present it in the PF.

Obs.: At the top of the form you will find a code, when you schedule your visit at PF you should place this code on the PF website.

2. Generate the Guia de Recolhimento da União (GRU):

2.a. CEP: it is your zipcode in Brasil, the format is 00000-000

2.b. Unidade Arrecadadora: “SP 027-2 (Superintendência Regional)”.

2.c. Código Receita STN: Código 140120. The amount should be R$204,77

2.d. The guide can be paid at any bank branch. Keep the proof of payment.

3. Statement of your electronic contact and other contacts:

4. Provide the following documentation:

4.a. Two 3x4 photos, recent, colorful and with white background;

4.b. Valid travel document (passport) or other document proving identity and nationality;

Obs.: Original and one copy (all pages)

4.c. Original Visa Form;

4.d. Proof of payment of the CRNM emission rate; (item 2.d.)

4.e. Completed and signed form; (item1)

4.f. Statement of electronic address and other means of contact; (item 3)

4.g. Obs.: You will be asked for a birth or marriage certificate or a consular certificate when the travel document or official identity document does not bring any data about filiation (parents); (*)

5. Schedule a day and time to attend the Federal Police:

5.a. Código de solicitação: is marked at the top of the Form.

5.b. UF: SP || São Paulo



Flu6915abf7h1_tmp_e85663b21255ae9a.png onte:

Address Polícia Federal DELEMIG – SP:

R. Hugo D'Antola, 95 - Água Branca, São Paulo - SP

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(*)Documents issued abroad must comply with the rules of legalization or apostille (as the case may be), in addition to translation, respecting the agreements and treaties to which Brazil is a party.


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