About the Institute

The predecessor of the Institute of Mathematics and Statistics is the Department of Mathematics of the old Faculty of Philosophy, Languages and Literature, and Human Sciences, which was created in 1934, the same year that the University of Sao Paulo itself was founded. In these years it was already thaugh mathematics in undergraduate degree in mathematics and, from 1945 on, in graduate degree.

The Institute itself, however, was officially created some years later, trough the University Reform of 1970 which brought together in a single unit teachers of mathematics, statistics and computer science from several other parts of the university.


About the Department

The starting point of the first undergraduate degree in Computer Science at University of Sao Paulo can be dated from 1962, by the time the Department of Mathematics at the Polytechnic School had acquired an IBM 1620 computer for teaching and researching. In 1970, with the creation of Institute of Mathematics and Statistics, several members of this initial group have become professors of the Department of Applied Mathematics at the newly created Institute.

In 1987, a group of twenty-four professors at Department of Applied Mathematics decided to create the Department of Computer Science. So, the Department of Applied Mathematics got divided into two: one that kept its name and another one - the Department of Computer Science. Before it, all activities related to Computer Science were held at Department of Applied Mathematics.

Since its early years the Department of Computer Science has encouraged its members to conduct doctoral studies abroad. This practice deeply contributed to form faculty.