Computer Science course studies the development of systems for various platforms and the construction of computer solutions for social problems. Graduated students work with the diverse stages and approaches to software development, being ready to solve real problems by applying solutions that merge theory and practice. Modeling data banks, developing and implementing software projects and proposing efficient and feasible computing solutions are only some of his/her activities.

With a growing demand for professionals in this field and for the excellency seen at IME/USP, graduate students find no hard time in entering the labor market. Computing and telecommunication companies, consulting organizations, governmental bodies, financial market and Web systems are only some segments which totally depend on Bachelors in Computer Science. Many graduated students are entrepreneurs and assemble their own businesses, whilst others move on their academic career and start a Master’s or a Doctorate, becoming researchers in universities or companies.

The market is not the only asset at IME’s Bachelor’s Degree. The course offers a series of complements to alumni academic development, such as international exchange programs, research activities and projects in innumerous events, congresses and seminars. The wide span of option is greatly based on USP’s structure, which includes cultural (exhibitions, plays, films, debates, concerts and other free activities) and sport activities (the university offers a sports club accessible to all students), besides social programs.

With its first graduated class in 1974, IME/USP’s Computer Science is one of the best and most traditional courses in the country. The course lasts for 4 years and offers 50 yearly vacancies during day time for those who are keen on exploring the world of informatics and computing. Besides this basic formation, newcomers have a rich and flexible curriculum, which offers a possibility for deepening knowledge in the areas of interest, with the choice of 10 subjects among tens of optional subjects in the course. Hence, IME renders the possibility of new professionals coming into the market who are more and more able and versatile in the academic world as well as in the labor market.

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