Exchange Student

Students enrolled in foreign institutions may attend classes at USP as undergraduate Exchange students, thus obtaining credits or developing academic researches compatible with their subject fields.

Exchange on the 1st semester (from February until June): online application until October, 5th (Register must be conducted by the Home University)
Exchange on the 2nd semester (from August until December): online application until May, 5th (Register must be conducted by the Home University)

The Home University must register the students here: Online Register.

Once the application has been submitted by the home university, the students receive an e-mail containing a link to complete their applications.

Documents to be attached to the online applications:
  1. Recommendation letter written by a professor of the home university;
  2. Study Plan;
  3. Transcription of records made by the home university and its simple translation into Portuguese;
  4. Copy of the passport page that contains personal data;
  5. A photo in “.jpg” format (50Kb Size)

Commonly offered Courses

Courses offered by USP and their schedules

All disciplines are taught in Portuguese.
There is no maximum number of disciplines the students can apply for. Subjects from different courses and in different USP Units may be chosen.
The School of Architecture and Urbanism (Faculdade de Arquitetura e Urbanismo – FAU) and the School of Economics, Business and Accountancy (Faculdade de Economia, Administração e Contabilidade – FEA) receive each semester a large number of applications.
Therefore, applications to such schools will be analyzed in accordance with existing academic agreements between USP and its partners. We highly recommend students interested in attending classes of such areas to verify the possibility of exchange programs in other campuses of USP.
Many disciplines of USP have curriculum requirements that need to be considered. Therefore, the requests will be analyzed taking into account the Transcription of Records and the Study Plan of the students.

Getting a Student Visa:

Once the student has been accepted for an exchange period at Universidade de São Paulo, the International Office will send him/her the Letter of Acceptance, which is necessary for the Student Visa (Temporário IV) to be requested from the Brazilian diplomatic representation by the student in his/her home country.
To conclude the enrollment, the student’s home university must send to USP the proper Student’s Visa and a copy of the life and health insurance paper.
The university is not allowed to enroll students with a tourist visa!
Brazilian diplomatic representation

Portuguese for foreigners:
The Language Center of the Faculty of Philosophy, Language and Literature, and Human Sciences – (Centro de Línguas da FFLCH) offers each semester courses of Portuguese as a Foreign Language at São Paulo Campus – Cidade Universitária. For further information, please visit or send a message to JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING.

Tuition Fees:
USP is a public state institution that receives exchange students at no cost.

USP does not provide housing facilities for exchange students.

More information:
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