Course Duration - 4 years
Newcomers- 30 per year

The Bachelor in Mathematics aims at training future researchers and teachers in higher education to work in various areas of Mathematics. The course provides a solid background in mathematics that allows graduates to pursue their postgraduate studies (master and doctorate) in the best institutions of the country. The labor market has increasingly recognized the possibilities for a professional with a good background in Mathematics and our students have also found interesting placements outside the academic career, especially for development in computer science or in the financial market.

Newcomers Profile
A future Mathematics student should firstly like mathematics. The taste for challenges, the ability to concentrate, the tenacity and the fact find mathematics fun are clear signs that this course is for you!

Besides the Mathematics subject, in the first year of the course the student has contact with areas of Statistics, Computing and Physics, becoming familiar with some applications and motivations of Mathematics. Over the four years of the course, the courses offered cover the fundamental ideas of each of the major areas of mathematics, namely: Algebra, Analysis, Fundamentals, Geometry and Topology. Upon graduating, our students will have had contact with each and every one of these areas.
Attitude during the course
The course requires a lot of dedication from the student who, in addition to participating in class, should deepen the content through readings and exercises. This work outside the classroom, either in group or individually, is very important for success in the course. Attending the Library, forming groups of colleagues who study together, talking to other students, teachers and monitors: these attitudes help much to achieve good results. For future research, it is also very important to develop an undergraduate research project , along with one of our teachers.

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Scholarships, mentoring and internships
Students of the Bachelor with good performance in the course may apply for a monitoring (a kind of teacher's aide to correct lists , to call, etc.) or Scientific Initiation scholarship (work that is developed under the guidance of a teacher, addressing content that is not covered in the course). Both activities result in payment. The Scientific Initiation can also be made without a scholarship. Another type of scholarship was recently implemented by USP’s Dean, especially to help students with financial difficulties: the “Teaching with Research” scholarship, which is also developed work under the guidance of a teacher over a year.
Generally, students seeking internships at IME along with the course have no trouble getting a job. It is up to the student to look for something that will help in their training.

Alumni Profile
We intend, through education our education, develop the capacity for abstraction and the ability to formulate and solve problems, which will certainly be useful in different areas. At the end of the course, we hope that the student has achieved reasonable autonomy for study in various areas of mathematics, being able, for example, to understand a research article and assimilate new concepts.

Bachelor´s degree in Mathematics
This program offers students solid basic training in several areas of Mathematics, aimed at preparing them for a career in research or college level teaching.
Mathematical skills are also highly valued by an ever expanding job market outside Academia. Those who want to follow an academic career are required to continue their studies at graduate level. A fair percentage of the graduate students are funded by full-time scholarships.
Others work part time or are paid by their employers to do their graduate work. Our graduates usually find good positions either in graduate school or in the broader labor market.
On their freshman year, our students take courses not only in Mathematics, but in Physics, Statistics, Computer Science and Applied Mathematics as well. Later they focus in (pure) Mathematics.
Our students are expected, first of all, to like Mathematics and enjoy being challenged.
Our students are expected, first of all, to like Mathematics and enjoy being challenged.